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If you’re reading this, it means you’ve stumbled upon our lovely site and were curious enough to read more about us. Well, I thank you for your time and I hope that what you see on this site will entice you to return…and don’t forget to bring all of your friends!

Welcome to Nerd Crave!
My name is Luey, founder and creator of Nerd Crave. My main goal when starting this site was/still is to create an outlet where my voice, and the voices of my editors could be heard and of course to bring engaging/current content to all of our fans.

Why Nerd Crave?
Well, its quite simple: I’m a nerd, and in today’s world the term “nerd” is no longer considered something “uncool.”

It is the nerds of the world that are revolutionizing medicine, technology, and entertainment. It is a word I chose to use as a form of empowerment for all of those who share a similar interest in the nerd culture. We stand strong together, embrace our truths, and stand by our beliefs.

As for the “crave” part…well I don’t know about you, but I get pretty hungry for juicy-nerdy news, and it’s something you can say that I “crave” from time to time.

Our Affiliates
I have been great friends with the co-founder of ElectricSistahood (Rochelle Hinds) for quite sometime. When I told her I wanted to launch NC she was ecstatic. We have since made a partnership between the two sites and have become apart of ESH’s publishing family. Be sure to check out the ESH site, they have amazing content, you may even see an article or two written by yours truly on there.

Our Mission
As of now we are a small team and take pride in everything we do for the brand. We aren’t trying to be like other news outlets, we stand in our own lane and bring you amazing content at a digestible pace. Our mission is to stay original, and have our own unique voices amongst the rest.

To our audience
Please feel free to suggest updates, content, items we should review, or even posts you would want to see on our page. You can do this by going to our contact section.


Interested in Joining the Team?
Check out our Get Involved section.