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Blood-C: Review

Blood-C: Review

August 18, 2016755Views5Comments

My clear reaction after watching this anime was: Wow, did this show come out of left field or what! When I watch an anime, I usually give myself about 3 episodes (Which I think is Standard), and if I’m not feeling it I simply let it go. I’m not one of those people who force themselves to watch something all the way through if I can’t create a connection with the characters or the plot. I guess you can call me some what of a quitter. In retrospect, even though this anime didn’t reel me in until about episode 3 or 4, there were enough hints in the beginning of the tale that instilled hope of its greatness, and lo and behold, it got damn good! This show might’ve even forced me to change my rules about how I watch new anime.

Here is my review of Blood-C.

Story Synopsis:
Saya is a normal girl in a generic small-town-district setting, nothing special here right?

She’s the kind/sweet type that goes to school & hangs out with her friends on a daily basis. She enjoys singing and is portrayed as a coffee enthusiast. Her character comes across as being a bit clumsy and silly, but she still indulges in school sports. However at night, she does a complete 180 and becomes a different person. She’s presented as a sword-swinging demon slayer who protects her town from creatures referred to as Elder Barins.

When the Elder Barins begin speaking to her, everything changes and she gets the feeling that something isn’t right about this town. She is forced to figure out what these Elder Barins are, and searches to uncover a mystery deeply seeded within her town.

[Spoilers Ahead]

The first four or so episodes of this show really had me scared. First of all, they seemed too formulaic. Each episode would consist of good ol’Saya going to school, talking to her friends, eating and having coffee at the diner, and then she would defeat a monster at the end. Each episode followed this exact cadence. It’s not like the fighting scenes weren’t cool, it just didn’t move the plot forward at all. Also, her interactions while she was “normal Saya” were bland, and seemed pretty forced. But after episode four the writers really kick it into high gear. They broke away from the “Villian of the Day” format in the previous episodes, and started giving us strong clues to the mystery behind the town which helped move the story along.

The moment when the Elder Barins began talking to Saya was when the show truly took an interesting turn for the better.

The writers started to give out clues and bits of information that left Saya, and the audience, having to piece it all together. This, along with the the absolute killer fight scenes where all her friends were massacred, was fucking amazing!

Although, something that does bothers me with the story is that there is great mystery and some of it is revealed, but in the end, a lot of things are left unanswered, which kills me inside! A movie was made that continued where the story left off but even that didn’t give any answers. We never figure out why her eyes change when she is angry.

We never find out what Fumito’s organization truly wants to use her for, and why the experiment was even conducted in the first place. Lastly, we also don’t know what Saya is exactly, and how she came to be. There are so many questions begging to be answered, but I highly doubt they’ll ever give us anything.

This anime makes it hard to connect with another character aside from Saya because of the plot twist they introduced about ¾ into the show. By this I mean, we are going along with the story, seeing Saya beat down some monsters and one by one, all of her friends get killed and basically her whole town is obliterated, BUT THEN, and this is a big one, we realize that all of her main friends are still alive and they are actors that have been hired to play certain roles in Saya’s life.

There is Nene and Nono, two twin sisters who are funny, kind and caring, and give the show a lot of humor and funny moments but in reality, when they “come back to life” and reveal they are part of the main cast, we come to realize that they are self-centered, rude, and and pretty ferocious.

This is how all the characters are portrayed. We see them as one person when it comes to Saya and her life in the perfect town, and after the reveal we see their true personalities. I think it’s an extremely cool aspect of the show because usually with storytelling it’s all about making your characters likeable and relatable. However, in Blood-C, everything is turned upside down, and no one is who they truly seem to be.

Which brings me to Saya. Throughout the entire anime, each episode has an introduction from an unknown person, who we later find out is Fumito. He talks about philosophy in reference to nature. His biggest question is, can people really change or do they always stay the same person? We come to realize his thoughts are focused around Saya, and that this was all really an experiment to see if Saya would change if she was brought up in a completely normal environment.

The animation for the intro is simply spectacular, full of vivid imagery and colors. When accompanied by the music, the intro will quickly become one of your favorites. The song in this intro is called Spiral by Dustz.

The studio behind the character designs and story is CLAMP, who are known for creating Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, which are both magnificent shows when it comes to characters designs. The studio does a great job making the anime have two completely different sides to it.

There’s a side of it that’s fun and bubbly with Saya living her normal life and interacting with her companions, and then there’s this darker side that is displayed during the fighting scenes which are dark, gritty, and full of gore.

Blood-C: The Last Dark(Movie)

The movie does a great job at basically sending the animation into overdrive, and creating so much more detail in color and sharpness. When it comes to the story, don’t get me wrong it’s interesting and cool, but it didn’t give me what I wanted. It didn’t answer the questions I needed answered. The whole plot of the movie was Saya finding out Fumito’s(her arch nemesis) whereabouts and killing him, and along the way she meets a group with the same mission, and naturally she aligns herself with them. Spoiler, but besides Saya actually killing Fumito, nothing else comes full circle. We don’t learn anything else about her origin, or about Fumito and his organization. It’s so frustrating because the movie and show are so great and I can’t help but feel like they left me hanging.

Final Verdict:
If you want mystery, action, suspense, and just a fascinating story, you are going to love Blood C. What’s really refreshing about this anime is that there are a lot of subtlety, and it gives you a mystery and story that are well written and thought out, and it gives it time to fester and mature. If you love the visuals and animation by CLAMP, and are into demons, legends, and sword-fighting, this is the anime for you!

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