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DC Comics Presents: Rebirth
May 4, 20161105Views

DC Comics Presents: Rebirth

With the imminent launch of DC’s new long-term project titled Rebirth, a massive amount of news has been released pertaining to the event. DC’s Creative Chief Officer – Geoff Johns promised fans that this initiative is not a reboot. It is meant to combine fragments the universe prior to the New 52, all while maintaining the freshness of the stories in the current New 52 universe. A bold move indeed but if I know anything about Johns, it’s that he delivers.

Rebirth is geared to run 32 new issues, with some titles shipping twice a month. The titles will feature a one-shot rebirth issue before actually jumping into the main storylines. I understand their ideal behind wanting to bring in more revenue by giving the fans more to read on a monthly basis, however, this could be quit a burden on your wallet if you happen to be a completionist like myself; l tend to snag every cover that’s available for only 1 issue. #CollectorProblems

As Rebirth kicks off towards the end of the month (May 25, 2016) I wanted to showcase a few of the titles DC has lined up:

Aquaman: Rebirth #1 – One Shot
Aquaman #1
Creative Team:
Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Jesus Merino, Phil Briones

Flash: Rebirth #1 – One Shot
Flash #1

Creative Team:
Josh Williamson, Carmine DiGiandomenico, Neil Googe

Superman: Rebirth #1 – One Shot
Superman #1

Creative Team:
Peter J. Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Doug Mahnke

Batman: Rebirth #1 – One Shot
Batman #1

Creative Team:
Tom King, Scott Snyder, Mikel Janin

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 – One Shot
Green Arrow #1

Creative Team:
Ben Percy, Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreya

Additionally, here are some of the new character costume designs said to debut in Rebirth (Revealed on Comic Book Resources):
rebirth 17 rebirth 16  rebirth 18 rebirth 19 rebirth12

These are extremely exciting times for fans of the comic book franchise. I personally appreciate DC’s efforts in taking more creative risks to bring readers closer to their characters & stories. DC continues to pluck the right strings that make the magic happen. I can’t wait to see what new challenges await our heroes in the DC universe throughout the course of Rebirth, which is said to run through Aug 2018.


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