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Digimon TRI: They’re Back

Digimon TRI: They’re Back

January 1, 2016recommended870Views

I have always favored the original digimon tamers over all the others that have come and gone in the Digimon Universe.

So with that, prepare to digivolve once again with the original digi-destined as they make their epic come back in the all-new anime, Digimon TRI.

The story takes place six years after Tai and his friend’s embarked on their adventure to the digitalworld. The original tamers are all grown up and are experiencing the effects of young adulthood. Since their adventure, the digital portal has been closed for quite some time and the tamers that took their place (Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken) have gone missing. Small ripples into the digitalworld have begun to appear across Tokyo and it is up to Tai and his gang to join forces once again and save the world.

Nostalgically, the first few episodes brought back so many memories of the show. When Agumon shows up to protect Tai, I almost jumped out of my chair in excitement.
Tai and Agumon

As expected, the digivolution cinematic are still a spectacular and are graphically better than ever.





It’s great to see that even after all these years, the bond that fans have built with these characters remain strong. Digimon TRI has gotten an enormous amount of support, and fans couldn’t be happier to see their old favorites back on the big screen. Although the story is off to a slow pace I am sure as more is unveiled it will rival if not surpass the old show.

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