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Dragon Ball Super: How we got here & What’s next
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Dragon Ball Super: How we got here & What’s next

In April of 2015 Akria Toriyama announced that his Dragon Ball franchise would be revitalized in a new anime TV show titled Dragon Ball Super. This came as a wonderful surprise to fans all over the world as it has been nearly 18 years since we’ve seen any new material regarding an official series. During the Dragon Ball hiatus many fans of the beloved anime actually started to create their own fan-fiction manga’s and versions of the show. A few of these iterations actually became quite famous across the inter-webs (Toyotaro’s – Dragon Ball AF). All of which could now be put to rest, as the birth of a new show (that is canon) would usher in a new era for Dragon Ball fans everywhere.

This idea was slowly rolled out after the release of the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movie in 2013. In the film Goku obtained the ability to become a Super Saiyan God in order to cross fists with the ‘God of Destruction’ himself, Lord Beerus. The movie was highly successful even though it was the first DBZ film to be released in 17 years. The film ranked number one in the Japanese box office, making a whooping $7,307,760 in it’s first two days of release. It’s rating and box office scores proved just how big of a fan base the franchise had.

Following ‘Battle of the Gods’ was another film released in March of 2015 titled Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. In this film the Z-Fighters witnessed the come back of Frieza, one of the fieriest villains they have ever faced. The film introduced many new characters, a new Frieza form, and even an ascended level of the Super Saiyan God called “Super Saiyan Blue” (as mentioned in the manga). The film had a worldwide release and toppled Japanese box office sales at $8.1 million, 40% more than ‘Battle of the Gods’ in it’s first week.

Between ‘Battle of the God’ and Resurrection ‘F’, the fans took to the Internet and theories of a new Dragon Ball series began buzzing. For once, the fans were right. A new series would be released later that year and the movies we’ve seen thus far were all to be part of the storyline. This was another first for Dragon Ball history because in the past DBZ films were their own stand-alone stories and never crossed into the actual series.

The only drag about the anime was that it would be quite sometime before fans saw any fresh material because both ‘Battle of the Gods’ and Resurrection ‘F’ were broken down into sagas so the Dragon Ball Super manga could gain speed and surpass the timelines of the anime. The manga has moved much quicker than the show and didn’t even bother to feature the Frieza resurrection saga, but it was indeed mentioned.

What’s happening in the story now (Spoilers Ahead):

Since Friezas defeat Goku and Vegeta have continued to train under Whis, Lord Beerus’ Master. Now to open the road for a new saga Beerus’ twin brother Champa appears with his master Vados (Whis’ sibling) on Beerus’ planet and the storyline along with Dragon Ball lore becomes really, really interesting.

With the introductions of gods in Dragon Balls new era, the manga has now revealed that there is actually an expanded universe outside of what have grown to know. During Champa’s visit to Beerus for their occasional cuisine showdown, he explains to Goku and Vegeta that there are in fact 12 universes and all of which have a god of destruction. We learn that Beeurs is the God of destruction for universe 7 while Champa reigns over universe 6. Each universe has a double or shadow of the other, as explained in the manga. Each coupled universe will always equals 13, that is how you can determine which ones are pairs.
Here’s the list of the paired universes:

  • Universe 1 & Universe 12
  • Universe 2 & Universe 11
  • Universe 3 & Universe 10
  • Universe 4 & Universe 9
  • Universe 5 & Universe 8
  • Universe 6 & Universe 7

As Champa loses the cuisine showdown to Lord Beerus he proposes a universe 6 & 7 Battle of the Gods Tournament where 5 fighters from each universe will compete until a clear victor is declared. Champa has insisted that Beerus wager his earth in universe 7 (for its amazing cuisine possibilities) after learning form Vados that the earth in universe 6 is a wasteland with no human life. Beerus only agrees to the terms after hearing that Champa is wagering up 6 “Wish Balls” if his team claims victory over universe 6’s fighters. Although if Team-Beerus loses universe 7’s earth will swap places with the earth in universe 6, what could this mean for our Z-Fighters? This marks the beginning of the 6 & 7 God of Destruction Battle Tournament arc.

The warriors for the tournament have been chosen for both universes:
Universe 7
Beerus team

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Piccolo
  • Majin Buu
  • Monaka (Said to be one of the strongest beings Lord Beerus has ever faced)

Universe 6
The names for universe 6’s fighters were revealed during Jump Fiesta 2015
Team Champa

  • Heat (rumors say he could be the Cell of universe 6)
  • Kabe (considered to be the Saiyan of the group)
  • Frost (Frieza-race character)
  • Botamo (thought to be the ‘Majin buu’ of universe 6)
  • Magetta (Robot – could belong to their red ribbon army)

These names will likely change when they get translated into English, just as Beerus used to be known as “Lord Bills”.

What are Wish Balls?
In the manga we learn that the dragon-balls the Z-Fighters have been using from the very beginning are mere copy’s of the real “Wish Balls” which are the size of planets. Champa also used the term “Super Dragon-Balls” to describe their potential & size in comparison to the dragon-balls created by the Nameks, which have a limit to what you can wish for.
Bulma later finds out from an omniscient being named Zunou, that a great dragon god by the name of Zarma created the “Wish Balls” and scattered them across universe 6 and 7. These balls have the strength to grant you any wish imaginable.

Dragon Ball Super has expanded the Dragon Ball universe and added amazing new details to the lore. With 12 universes, the addition of gods, and the discovery of the Super Dragon Balls, we could expect a large volume of stories to come in the future. Will we see more Saiyans from universe 6? are their transformations different? All of this and more is still TBA.

Stay tuned for the epic Champa Saga debuting this month! (January 2016)

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