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Dragon Ball Super: The Return of Future Trunks
May 9, 20161858Views

Dragon Ball Super: The Return of Future Trunks

With the Champa Saga closing out and universe 7 winning their tournament, talks of Future Trunks returning to the franchise has sparked throughout the inter-webs. This theory came to be after an interview between Akria Toriyama and DragonBall Super artist – Toyotaro, was released to the public last month. Their conversation was brief but sweet enough to give us clues as to where the series was headed after the big universe 6/7 tournament:

Toriyama: “Currently I have no plans for Goku and Vegeta surpassing Beerus and Whis. 

“I’ve got an idea for a story about the “future” of “a certain somebody”. And I’m thinking of combining that together with a new “universe”. It’ll be simple enough for kids to enjoy…hopefully (laughs).”

Toyotaro: “Having read the new plot, I’m glad a certain character related to the future is getting involved. I’m a big fan!”

A wonderful teaser from Toriyama and Toyotaro that lead fans to believe our beloved Future Trunks would indeed make his big come back since last seen in the Cell Saga.

Finally, a few weeks later we get the confirmation that after a 20 year hiatus Trunks will be coming back, “with blue hair and all.”
new trunks
His new look and story arc, that is set to follow up the Champa saga, was created by Toriyama himself. The official DragonBall Super site stated that Trunks will be making his big debut June 12 of this year. The new story arc synopsis is as follows:

  • Trunks is coming back to the present after barely escaping his future with his life, because of a powerful new threat.

Toriyama mentioned this new enemy will be known as “Goku-Black.” At last, everyone’s worst fear has come to fruition; what if Goku, with all that power and skill, became evil? Also, is this evil Goku a smarter version of the original? All of which could make him the most dangerous villain in DragonBall history!

“Goku-Black” Theory Ahead
A possible evil form of Goku is said to be the next antagonist in the DragonBall Super universe. Many fan theories are being released as to what could have made Goku turn to the dark side. I for one think it could be one of my personal theories:

  • Majin Goku
    In the canon DBZ storyline, once Cell was defeated Future Trunks only hung around for a brief moment before returning back to his own timeline. Upon his return he brought an end to the androids and the Cell of his future, ultimately bringing peace back to his earth. My theory is that at some point in time he figured out how to bring all of the Z-fighters back from the dead with a set of new dragon balls; maybe the ones from the planet Namek in his timeline. As time passed the Babidi of his world made his move and began the process of resurrecting Majin Buu. Long story short, he found Goku and Vegeta and placed them under his Majin manipulation sorcery in order to fuel the energy needed to bring Buu back. Although the spell is only supposed to work on those with even slight evil in their hearts, lets say for the sake of this theory that the spell was strong enough to even overcome Goku.
    However, Babidi’s plans failed him when Majin Goku (who was now brought back to his original Sayain state of mind) and Majin Vegeta became too powerful to control and ultimately destroyed him and a newly resurrected Majin Buu. Somewhere throughout their battle with Buu, Goku kills off Vegeta, his only competition and someone who he knew would never kneel to a “lower class Sayain.” Goku would then have blamed the death of Vegeta on Buu in order to maintain the support of the rest of the crew. The reason Goku remained evil after Babidi’s magic subsided was because the magic didn’t just make him into a Majin, in actuality what it did was re-awake his old sayain personality that was once lost after the tragic accident that happened to him when he was a child.

    Skipping forward – Goku has trained and reached new potentials, possibly with the help of the Dragon Balls. He now rules the earth with an iron fist and his loyal subjects are the Z-fighters.
    black goku 4
    Trunks and the other Z-fighters follow his rule until his methods become too cruel for them to bear. They plot to over throw him and select Trunks as the defector to lure Goku out so they can all destroy him. Their plan ultimatley fails and ends with the death of many. Trunks nearly loses his life before escaping in his Time-capsule to come back to the present to recruit the Z-fighters from our timeline to help him defeat “Goku-Black” and return everything back to normal.

This is just one of my theories and one I can admit is quite the stretch but completely plausible. If Goku-Black or Black-Goku really is the new antagonist I think he could very well be the white haired villain Toriyama teased in his first hints regarding Trunks’ eminent return:

“Q: Why is SSB blue?

Toriyama: First I was going to have it be white, but that would clash with the ‘next enemy’, so I saved it for later.”

Nothing is certain at the moment, all that we know is that if Trunks is back it’s because he definitely needs help. Finally, will Trunks ascend to Super Sayain Blue like his dad? I think so. I hope it also motivates Gohan to step it up a notch and get back to his sayain roots.

From the information provided thus far, the fans are in for quite a treat this upcoming June as an epic battle that transcends the laws of space and time unravels in the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super.

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