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Elder Scrolls Online: Review

Elder Scrolls Online: Review

February 18, 2017Elder ScrollsElder Scrolls onlinemmo1589Views80Comments

Elder Scrolls Online was first released in 2014 by developer ZeniMax Online Studios. The MMORPG was later renamed “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited” in 2015 when the game became buy-to-play.

ESO is a Massive-Multiplayer-Online game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. Most of Tamriel is open for players to explore and the developers are constantly updating the game with fresh content and new regions are regularly introduced.

New players begin the game by going through the character creation process, which is very detailed and simple to create something that stands out from the rest. It features the same races as the Elder Scrolls series however, these races are split into three different factions which determine the players starting point in the world. It also places restrictions on the PvP zone. There are four main classes in the game which can be selected from during the character creation.

Players are first placed on an island where they begin the main quest line and can begin exploring the world. The game plays in a fashion similar to Elder Scrolls games where players can control their character in third or first person view.

There is a huge amount of content in this game; the most recent large update was the One Tamriel introduction. For the first time in MMORPG history, players will have their levels scaled to suit the environment and the people they’re with. It allows low level players to explore the world without being restricted by borders and party with high level friends. Although, this feature doesn’t work in the PvP zones.

(IGN video – ESO Game Director Matt Firor walks them through the One Tamriel Update)

In addition to One Tamriel, the team releases regular content updates to add new quests and features to the game. This includes the popular Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood story lines which add-on to a fully fledged Justice System. The Justice System allows players to steal items and sell them to difference fences in the game. Stealing does have a large downside however, if the city guards spot the players they will attempt to arrest the player for their crime. City guards cannot be killed by players so gamers need to pay their fine or avoid that city all together.

Combat in Elder Scrolls Online follows the same gameplay pattern as the main Elder Scrolls games and the game also has a detailed skill tree system. While players are limited to their selected class, they do have freedom to select the skills they want from the list and select which skills will be active on the ability bar.

There are also PvP specific abilities for players to unlock; once the player reaches a certain level, they are able to access the PvP zones in the game. This portion of the game features some new mechanics where the aim is to claim territories for the players chosen faction. A territory is claimed by taking control of the various strongholds spread across the game. Players are able to use siege weapons to break into strongholds while defending players can protect entrances by barricading them and pouring oil on attackers.

Elder Scrolls Online has a lot to offer players and while this game is set in the Elder Scrolls universe, newcomers to the series can still understand the story. There are many different features in the game and the introduction of the One Tamriel feature certainly makes this MMORPG stand out from the others in this genre. It’s a strong MMORPG and there are plenty of reasons to give this game a try.

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