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Kingdom Hearts 3: Confirmed Worlds & Speculations

Kingdom Hearts 3: Confirmed Worlds & Speculations

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The announcement that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be coming soon has its fans pretty riled up, and understandably so. I myself am one of those fans; I mean I have a Kindom Hearts throw blanket that I refuse to part with (Don’t judge me.) It has been near a full decade since gamers have played a KH game on console. Square Enix has clearly recognized this and has been steadily building up the hype for their newest addition to the KH franchise. If you ask me, I believe they were waiting for a power platform to dayview the third instalment I their amaing franchise.

Over the past couple of years a considerable amount of footage was released; including some footage recently debuted at E3 that gives the fans clues as to what worlds they will be adventuring through. So turn your gummi engines on and lets take a look at some of the confirmed maps and some of the speculated ones.

This was the first new world confirmed by Square Enix & Walt Disney Animation Studios, as featured in this trailer . About 1:14 into the trailer you find Sora and his companions Donald and Goofy battling their way through heartless below Rapunzel’s tower; though the trailer fails to feature Rapunzel herself. With Tangles vast popularity and its beautiful landscape, this world will make a great addition to the game.

In the first half of this trailer it becomes evident that Hercules’ world will be returning for KH3. Tetsuya Nomura has shed light on that the Hercules Coliseum will once again be a playable event in the world. This map has been prevalent in almost every Kingdom Hearts game to date, including the portable iterations. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Hades underworld return as a major area beneath the coliseum as well; this was an important aspect of the world in Kingdom Hearts 2. This sets the stage for our deductions on where else we’ll be playing.

Big Hero 6:
Yup thats right, players will be able to play through the incredible San Fransokyo city as seen in the Big Hero 6 movie. This was a special announcement by Roy Conli -Walt Disney Animation Studios Producer. This movie created a cast of unforgettable characters and memorable moments. Fans hope that Sora will be able to fight crime side by side next to Baymax and his team of heres. Screen shots and gameplay of this world have yet to be released.

Twilight Town:
Upon further inspection of the trailer footage that was shared at E3 we can see Sora fighting in a very similar area that resembles Twilight town. Everything from the building, the lighting, to the posters on the wall – hints that this world will be returning in KH3. Although it is a town-like world, the constant state of darkness in Traverse Town from past games rules that one out. Twilight Town, as we remember from Kingdom Hearts 2 is where the group of children resided who participated in the life simulation. This is where Sora’s nobody Roxas was introduced.

Guardians of the Galaxy:
In the trailer, we see the keyblade transform into a rocket launcher during battle. According to Nomura, each keyblade transformation will be based on the worlds available. One can speculate that Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy would have influenced Sora’s keyblade rocket-mode-transformation. It’s difficult to imagine how that map would be rendered by Square Enix, but the possibilities are enticing. Would it be set in space? In a foreign world depicted in the movie? In a spaceship? For now, all we have is theories.

There are plenty of speculations revolving around what other worlds we’ll actually see in KH3, but one thing we know for sure is that Square Enix has their sights set on pleasing the millions of Kingdom Hearts fans world wide.

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