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Miles Morales swings into action
March 4, 2016Comics1415Views

Miles Morales swings into action

When you think of Spider-Man you probably think of the infamous Peter Parker. However, a new candidate has taken the mantle as earth’s main web-slinger and his name is Miles Morales – a 13-year old African-American/Hispanic boy from Brooklyn, New York.
Miles originally belonged to Marvels Ultimate Universe until its utter destruction was conceived in the climactic ending of the Secret Wars event. Miles, along with many other characters from various universes are now stuck in the mainline universe (earth 616.)

Miles Morales was created by the talented minds of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. Brian has shown a tremendous amount of enthusiasm towards his Spider-Man rendition:

“He’s like 13. He’s a kid,” Said Bendis. “His mother’s Puerto Rican. And for some reason the borough seems to be an issue for everybody, too: the borough is Brooklyn. Where he’s going to school, and his own cast of characters, and his parents, and his family — you’re going to meet them all in the first issue, and it’s all pretty interesting stuff. They live in a world that’s been pummeled by Magneto. It’s a different world for them than it was for Peter.”

Although his origins are similar to Parker’s, it’s clear that Miles had a very different life growing up. He received his abilities much like Parker did, after being bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. However Miles was very hesitant about using his newly acquired powers. It wasn’t until after Peter Parkers death in the Ultimate Universe that he had a change of heart. Miles made it a point to meet Gwen Stacy, an encounter that would shape his future forever. Miles asked her why did Peter become a superhero in which she briefly explained Peter’s history and told him the famous Spider-Man quote:

“With great power comes great responsibility”
It was at that moment that Miles internally decided to follow in Parkers footsteps and become the Spider-Man of his universe.

In the comics now

Miles has Parker’s full blessing to act as New Yorks new Spider-Man while Parker runs his new tech company.

The two have a great dynamic and their personalities are often quite comparable in many ways. Parker respects Miles and all of his efforts, as seen in Amazing Spiderman #2:

Even with an “OK” from Peter, Miles will receive a lot of controversy from the rest of the world for many reasons; his race, his age, and his heroism experience. A recent in-comic YouTuber began raving about how diverse the hero realm has been as of late and mentioned that Miles is the “Black-Spiderman,” a comment he didn’t take too well.miles2
These and more are challenges the young web-slinger will have to face in his new role as Spider-Man for earth 616. The new Marvel Universe is off to a great start and I’m happy that all of the characters are finally in once universe, for now. It does make for a lot of reading to keep up but these are indeed exciting times for comic book lovers.


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