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Pokémon Sun & Moon: New Pokédex and Features
June 2, 2016pokemon1221Views16Comments

Pokémon Sun & Moon: New Pokédex and Features

Official news and updates on Pokémon Sun & Moon are here!

Watch the latest trailer update below:

Update on Legendaries

As said on the official Sun & Moon website:

“Solgaleo and Lunala hold a vital key to your adventures in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These two Pokémon are Legendary Pokémon, and they play a crucial role in the story. But their place in the world is still wrapped in mystery!”

At the very least, we finally have full confirmation on their names, types, and Pokédex entries.
See the details below:

  • Solgaleo
    Category: Sunne Pokémon
    Height: 11’2″
    Weight: 507.1 lbs.
    Type: Psychic/Steel
    Ability: Full Metal Body
    Pokédex Entry: Since ancient times, Solgaleo has been honored as an emissary of the sun. It is referred to with reverence as “the beast that devours the sun.” Solgaleo’s body holds a vast amount of energy, and it shines with light when it’s active. It has a flowing mane with a remarkable resemblance to the sun. Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike, an attack that charges at an opponent with the force of a meteor, disregarding the target’s Ability.Solgaleo’s Ability is Full Metal Body, a new Ability that no previous Pokémon has had. With the Full Metal Body Ability, a Pokémon’s stats will not be lowered by the effects of an opponent’s moves or Ability.
  • Lunala
    Moone Pokémon
    264.6 lbs.
    Shadow Shield
    Pokédex Entry: Since ancient times, Lunala has been honored as an emissary of the moon. It is referred to with reverence as “the beast that calls the moon.” Lunala is constantly absorbing light and converting it into energy. With its wings spread to absorb the surrounding light and glittering like a crescent moon, it resembles a beautiful night sky. Lunala’s signature Moongeist Beam attack releases an ominous beam of light that disregards the target’s Ability.Lunala’s Ability is Shadow Shield, a new Ability that no previous Pokémon has had. With the Shadow Shield Ability, a Pokémon will take less damage from an attack that lands when the Pokémon has full HP.

Alola Region

The update also provided us with an official map of the Alola Region. Many fans previously speculated that because the region was based off of Hawaii, players would be able to travel to several different islands throughout the course of the game. From the looks of the official map, they were right.

In the image above it seems as though there could be up to 7 different locations a player could travel to. The middle island, centered between he four main islands, could very well be where players go to fight the Alola elite four.

One can also determine that if there are four main islands spread out throughout the Alola region, the gym badges will more than likely be divided into two’s between each location; so that’s two gym leaders per main island.

The island concept is really interesting and will leave room for other features yet to be seen. Will players have to surf their way  through Alola, or will there be some be sort of boating system in addition to your bike? Either way, I’m so ready to get my hands on this game!

People of Alola
In the trailer we also get to see what the character selection options will be when starting a new game.
characters1 Unknown-2
The styles are very much geared to look very sporty and summery, and if Sun & Moon is anything like X & Y the characters will be customizable.

Other characters shown are:

  • Lillie
    person 1
    Official Description: Lillie is a mysterious girl who assists the professor. This young girl is about the same age as your character, and she’s working as Professor Kukui’s assistant for personal reasons. She’s not fond of making Pokémon fight in battles, but she loves reading and has devoured many books. Lillie will play an important role in the story of Pokémon Sunand Pokémon Moon.
  • Professor Kukui
    person 2
    Official Description: Professor Kukui is the Alola region’s dependable Pokémon professor. He lives near your home and looks out for you. He’s passionate about his research into Pokémon moves and has sometimes taken direct hits from Pokémon when there was something to be learned from it. Sporting a white lab coat slung casually over his bare torso, he shows off his own unique style.

  • Your Friend Hau
    person 3
    Official Description: Hau is a Pokémon-loving young boy with a big appetite! He’s the same age as your character. When you move to the Alola region, he makes friends with you right away. He has a real weakness for malasada, a famous treat in the Alola region, and he is always in search of malasada shops. He is a big-hearted boy who really loves Pokémon.

Rotom is your new Pokedex

The mysterious Pokémon, Rotom, has somehow fused itself with your pokedex. Here’s the description as mentioned on the Sun & Moon official site:

“The Pokédex is a convenient tool that records information about the Pokémon you see and catch during your adventure. In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, your character receives a special Pokédex from Professor Kukui to support you in your travels. It’s known as the Rotom Pokédex, and it’s inhabited by Rotom, a Pokémon with the power to reside in various electronic appliances. It does much more than record Pokémon info—it sparkles with its own personality. The Rotom Pokédex shows your current location and your next destination, and it also gives you advice on where to go next, based on the conversations you have with others! It’s likely to be of great help to you in many parts of your adventure.”

room 2
“The Rotom Pokédex is an extremely rare device. There are only a few Trainers that have one, even in the Alola region.”

That sums up the June 2, 2016 Pokémon Sun & Moon update. Please find this and more information on the official Pokémon Sun & Moon website.



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