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Sony To Launch Their Own Comic Book Cinematic Universe
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Sony To Launch Their Own Comic Book Cinematic Universe

It has has been a long time coming for Sony and their fight to produce hero films. With Marvel and DC leading the box office sales, it’s only natural for other companies to want a piece of the action.

Heavy hitters like Fox, and Universal Pictures seem to always be ahead of the game, however even they fall short to the success of Marvel and DC. This lack of popularity is due to character rights and ownership contracts. Sony is very aware that in order to truly make an impact and create their own cinematic universe, they would need the ability to have free roam and access to a large portfolio of characters. This ideal lead the company to renew licenses with the ever popular, Valiant Comics.

Valiant Comics is not a publisher that roles off the tongue in common house holds like Marvel and DC, but they are extremely well known to comic book enthusiasts. Valiant is known to cultivate compelling stories that extend beyond the reach of normal day-to-day heroic tales.

The comic book publisher has a loyal fan base and is the 3rd oldest running comic book franchise, right behind Marvel and DC. Their roster is simply breath taking; Valiant Comics holsters a whopping 2000 character line-up. Together, Sony and Valiant are ready to bring all new stories/characters to the big screen.

One potential hiccup that Sony may face in their venture will be the introduction of a whole new hero-verse. They will need to properly execute a constructive plan to introduce a totally new line of heroes that will standout and are able to have their own beat.

As of late, Marvel seems to be the only distributor of superhero films to almost perfect their story telling formula. They have successfully created various films where their  characters all intermingle & exist in the same universe.

Another challenge Sony faces is their choice of tonality, an issue DC struggled with in their latest film – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans of these types of movies are conditioned to like a specific formula – action, humor, drama, repeat. This is something Sony should capitalize on and avoid any mistakes made by other distributors.

Sony will kick off it’s superhero universe with Valiant Comic’s – Harbinger, a story that will follow Peter Stanchek, a teen with exceptional telekinetic abilities.
Valiant and Sony are already working on the logistics for a five movie series that will lead to a cross-over arc titled “Harbinger Wars.” The entertainment juggernaut will certainly have it’s hands full with its own superhero movie expansion. I for one believe that If they combine research with a great formula for the Valiant Comic films, their product will be golden. Fans may even witness a new age of hero’s that will hold the cinematic throne.

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