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The good, The bad and The Suicide Squad

The good, The bad and The Suicide Squad

In the wise words of Amanda Waller, “the worst of the worst” have been brought together by a secret government agency named A.R.G.U.S to save the world from an unknown threat. Suicide Squad will be the first superhero film of it’s kind to showcase a team of super-villains as the story’s main protagonists instead of the normal heroic icons. Director David Ayer, a strong believer in great story telling, solidified the films unique stance with this comment:

You know, all these movies are about defeating the evil alien robot from f*cking Planet X, before it destroys the world with its ticking clock. And who the f*ck cares? But you do a story about struggle and isolation and people who have been shit on, that suddenly get thrown this lifeline… that’s not so bad. I like to think of this as Comic-Book Movie 2.0.” (During an interview with Empire Magazine)

I think Ayer is absolutely right. The current formula used for superhero movies has become quite stale. In my opinion, one of the main reasons Jessica Jones and Daredevil have done so well on Netflix is because of their change of pace. They offer rich storylines, and complex characters in realistic environments; qualities that are more relatable to a border audience. However, I do enjoy the amount of action and special effects in big titles like Man of Steel and Avengers, but I think the fans can all agree that a film like Suicide Squad is well over due. The movie is DC’s second cinematic film of the year set to take place after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Who are The Suicide Squad?
Previously known as Task Force X, The Suicide Squad is a team of super-villain inmates who were recruited by a woman named Amanda Waller (A high ranking U.S government official). These hand-selected individuals are given the opportunity to shave time off their prison sentence by agreeing to join the task force. In the comics the squad is usually sent on extremely top secret government missions where the risk of mortality is high. To prevent the super-villains from going AWOL some sort of explosive device is attached to their bodies; in the latest comic iteration of the squad – bombs were implanted into their necks.

Members of the squad are well aware of the dangers they’ll encounter but will evidently join anyway to knock some time off their sentence. Throughout the years the team has seen many changes in it’s line-up due to character deaths or other factors. Although this has never been an issue for Waller because she has full control over Belle Reve – a meta-human super prison where she can have her pick from hundreds of able super-villains to fill her ranks when needed.

Meet the Team (Possible Spoilers Ahead):

Dead Shot
Actor: Will Smith
Description: Also known as Floyd Lawton, a well known assassin and one of the worlds top marksmen. Floyd will take down just about any target for the right price. His main motive is to supply he’s daughter with financial security. Was first seen in Batman comics until he became a well known member the Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn
Actor: Margot Robbie
Description: This character is well known as the Jokers side kick. She used to be his psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum before having a mental breakdown of her own. Her pale skin and hair are the result of the Joker submerging her in the same chemical waste he was exposed to, thus permanently altering her look. Harley is extremely smart and fearless with no regard for consequence. First appearing in the 90’s Batman animated series.

Killer Croc
Actor: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Description: Due to a strange birth defect this man was born with reptilian attributes. With genetic modification he became more reptilian throughout the course of time. He is a long time Batman villain and is formitably powerful in terms of physical strength.

Actor: Karen Fukuhara
Description: A master in the art of the sword. Katana was recruited by Batman years ago to join a group called the Outsiders. She wields an ancient blade called the Soul Taker which reaps the souls of it’s victims and traps their life-force inside the blade. Her husband was killed by the sword and she often consults him for guidance by communicating through her weapon.

Rick Flagg
Actor: Joel Kinnaman
Description: Rick is a long-time elite military operative. He was enlisted by Amanda Waller as the leader of the Suicide Squad in order to keep the members in line.

Actor: Cara Delevingne
Description: Also known as June Moon, she has the powers to manipulate magical energies. June was given her powers by a creature known as Dzamor, however her powers came with an evil entity that lives inside her. She struggles to battle this evil and maintain her humanity.

Captain Boomerang
Actor: Jai Courtney
Description: A fugitive from Australia who wields high-tech boomerangs as his weapon of choice. Often known as “Digger”, he is a long time villain of The Flash and is a member of the Rogues (Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, etc…)

Actor: Adam Beach
Description: He is not a popular villain and has rarely been used enough to know a great deal of his origins in DC Comics current universe. In the past he has been known to be a villain of the hero Firestorm and a chemist who developed an extremely powerful adhesive which are coated on his ropes.

El Diablo
Actor: Jay Hernandez
Description: Chato Santana was a Mexican gang member who went to prison after turning himself in for lighting a building on fire that caused the death of innocent people. He was given his powers by the original DC character El Diablo and can now wield the ability to manipulate pyrokinesis (Manipulation over fire).

Now that you’ve met the cast what can possibly be better than having a bunch of super-villains join forces to participate in a top secret government operation? Having the Joker and Batman be apart of the action! It has been confirmed that Batman (Ben Affleck) and Mr. J himself (The Joker – Jared Leto) will have a predominate role in the film. It has also been confirmed that there will be a scene where the two battle it out in what could be a flashback car chase, as seen in this photo taken on set of the movie:

 Photo Credit to: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Photo Credit to: PacificCoastNewsOnline

In the first trailer the Joker is also shown about to torture whom fans have rumored to be Harley Quinn while she was still his psychiatrist. Joker has been known to enjoy mentally breaking people, as he did with Jason Todd in the comics. As for how big his role will be in this movie that is still to be announced, although in the 2nd official trailer the Joker is showcased enough to know that his role will be substantial.

Check out the 2nd trailer released 01/19/2016

This film is equipped with a brillant cast and team of behind-the-scenes workers who will succeed in turning super-villains into superstars.

DC’s band of misfits are making their big debut on August 5 2016.

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