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Sun & Moon’s Unsuccessful Global Mission’s

Sun & Moon’s Unsuccessful Global Mission’s

January 29, 2017pokemon1272Views26Comments

With the highly successful release of Pokémon Sun and Moon last year on November 18, 2016 the Pokémon Company decided to add an exciting new feature to connect trainers around the world: Global Missions.

These global missions are designed to challenge all players to collectively complete a quest, after which they would receive Festival Coins to buy special items with in the Festival Plaza.

The first global mission challenged players to collectively capture 100 million Pokémon. Unfortunately, they didn’t even come close to beating this large-scale task. The deadline arrived, and players had only captured 16.4 million Pokémon.

Here’s the message Nintendo sent in response to the failed mission:

Well, at least the next global mission would go better, right? Wrong. The next challenge toned things down and asked players to use the Island Scan feature to collectively scan 1 million Pokémon. The deadline arrived on January 9, with almost 662k Pokémon scanned.

At least players made it closer to their goal than they did in the first mission, although it’s clear that something needs to change for these global missions to be a success. All we can do is wait to see what sort of goal the third will set.

In the meantime, participating players have received 217 Festival Coins (instead of the 2017 coins if they’d met their goal) as a consolation prize. I hope in the future these Pokémon Sun and Moon global missions will go over better.


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