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Supergirl Joins the CW

Supergirl Joins the CW

May 13, 2016859Views

After a decent run on CBS – Supergirl now joins her peers, The Flash, The Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow under the umbrella of the CW.

Although Supergirl was one of CBS’ biggest shows, it saw a major decline in it’s viewers midway through it’s first season run. CBS has confirmed that along aside from the it’s decline in viewers, the show is actually quite expensive to produce. Sources say that Supergirl episodes can run from anywhere between 2.5 to 3 million dollars – per episode. A risky investment for any network to take on if the show isn’t raking in the proper revenue.

However, there is glimmering hope at the end of the tunnel, with Supergirl returning for a second season on the CW, critics believe that the show will be revamped and allowed to shine in all its glory. The merger will allow Kara to live alongside her super friends which in turn will create opportunities for amazing episodic cross-overs. A niche that has worked extremely well for the CW thus far. The CW is already planning a major cross over between the four DC shows (Super Girl, The Flash, The Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)


Honestly, this has been a change I have been waiting for since the Supergirl pilot episode leaked online. In my previous review I discussed how I felt about the show and Supergirl as a character. My thoughts revolved around the feeling that Kara Zor-El wasn’t being portrayed as the strong female protagonist I know her to be in the comic book realm, and a lot of my blame went to the network (CBS). Don’t get me wrong, I think lead actress Melissa Benoit does a tremendous job playing the super powered heroine, and I also strongly believe that Supergirl doesn’t really need other heroes to help her “shine,” but at this point in the game it wouldn’t hurt to try a different formula that surrounds her by other successful mainstream heroes.
I for one am very excited for this news and fully welcome Kara to the CW family.

Supergirl season two is set to air this fall on it’s home the CW, and will keep it’s Monday spot.

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