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Superior Spiderman: Simply Genius

Superior Spiderman: Simply Genius

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In December of 2012 something happened in the Marvel universe that no one was expecting to see. The death of Peter Parker. In Amazing Spiderman #700, titled “A dying wish,” Parker’s soul/subconscious is essentially lost forever and Otto Octavius is now in control of Parker’s body and life.


Living as Peter Parker and his alter ego Spiderman, Otto brought a fresh new take to the web-slinger’s persona. Otto crafted a new and improved spidy-suit and tons of gadgets that made Spiderman a bit cooler and certainly deadlier in my opinion.


With Otto’s new life, he takes full advantage of everything Parker’s body has to offer, and even finds a love interest along the way. However, people begin noticing that Parker is acting differently – especially the villains who take quite the beating from the new man behind the mask. The series shows Otto’s struggle to be a hero and he starts to realize how hard it is to actually be Spiderman.

Spiderman 3

Superior Spiderman is edgier than any other Spiderman title ever created. It screams brilliance. Creators Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman did a superb job with this series. I for one had no intention of wanting Parker back after seeing how amazing Otto’s character was and the achievements he accomplished in his short time as Spiderman.

Be sure to check out Superior Spiderman. The complete series is available now.

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