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The Seven Deadly Sins: Review

The Seven Deadly Sins: Review

July 11, 2016708Views

The Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix original show that is quickly growing in popularity since it premiered last year. After watching the first episode, I thought it was alright, but it didn’t really stand out to me. It had ridiculously powerful characters, moments of obvious fan service, and a cute animal that could easily be used to sell merchandise and make everyone go “d’awww.” As I continued watching, I eventually got hooked, and my opinion on the show improved.

The story centers on eponymous Sins, who were an order of knights that were accused of attempting to overthrow the kingdom of Brittania. They have been disbanded for 10 years and are hunted by the royal group of warrior known as the Holy Knights. When Princess Elizabeth runs away from home to seek out the Sins, she comes across a tavern and finds that the owner is their captain, Meliodas, who runs the establishment along with a talking pig named Hawke. She begs for the Sins’ help, fearing that the Holy Knights are plotting against the kingdom. He agrees to help her and the three go on a journey to reunite the Sins and stop the Holy Knights’ scheme.

One of the highlights that drew me to this show is the animation.
The backgrounds and characters are gorgeously drawn and full of vibrant colors. The layout and designs of the scenery and characters are wonderful and unique in their own way, so as to never mistake one location or character for another.

This point brings me to the characters themselves. The show has a diverse cast of main and supporting characters that are used to their full potential. The Sins are a powerful yet humorous band of warriors that I believe many will relate to and enjoy. They are introduced one by one in their own story arcs and given plenty of time to demonstrate their abilities and personalities. Even minor characters and villains are given some depth to their characters so that they aren’t just one-offs. Many end up as recurring characters and gain depth as the show progresses. The series does well to humanize the characters, making me feel like they each play a vital role in the series.

The show’s pacing can be best described as efficient. The episodes are all vital to the series and do not overstay their welcome. The fights aren’t drawn out or interrupted with internal monologue, and there’s little to no filler episodes in this series. Each episode manages to either advance the overall plot or provide character development that leaves viewers invested in what happens next. There’s plenty of humor and suspense that will leave viewers wanting more. The interactions between the Sins and other characters is a blast considering how casual they can be at times during what would be considered an intense situation. They work well off each other and you can tell that they’re more than just teammates.

The music is also fantastic and worth listening to again and again, particularly the intro and outro themes. I don’t usually pay too much attention to music unless it really stands out which is why I thought to mention it here. You might want to use caution so they don’t get then stuck in your head!

That doesn’t mean this show isn’t without flaws, key among them being Elizabeth’s role in the show. She puts herself in danger many times to defend her friends, even though she can’t do much in a fight, and ends up needing to get rescued several times. She also tends to be too forgiving, particularly when Meliodas gets too friendly with her. At most she gets mildly shocked when most women would take offense. Sure Meliodas never means any harm and does care about her, but it still seemed off to me.

These interactions lead into another issue, which is the fan service. The two main female leads, Elizabeth and Diane, are both victims to fan service from time to time. It doesn’t ruin the show, but it does ruin several individual moments. For those of you who are considering watching this show, use caution when watching around other people; it isn’t TV-14 just because of the violence.

When I finished the show, I was satisfied with the finale, however there were many questions left unanswered, which will likely be answered or addressed in the second season. Overall, I think this is a wonderful show. I eagerly await its second season and highly recommend it to those that are considering checking it out.

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