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Top 10 Ice Powered Comic Book Heroes – Villains

Top 10 Ice Powered Comic Book Heroes – Villains

After a few months of a blissfully warm winter, it is finally starting to snow in the northeast. In response to our newfound snowy season, here are Nerd Craves top 10 ranking ice powered heroes/villains in comic book history!

  1. Blizzard, Marvel Comics:

Blizzard has a powerful battle suit that allows him generate high levels of cold from his gloves. He can drop the temperature in any given location from 68  to 30 degrees in a matter of seconds. He is know to shoot snow blasts and icicles bullets from his hands. His suit is fully insulated making immune to the suits effects.



  1. Icebreaker, Marvel and DC Comics:

Icebreaker is a character that is a mixture of Iceman from Marvel Comics and Aquaman from DC comics. Icebreaker was created for the Marvel/DC collaboration DC/Marvel: All Access. The series tells the story of the Marvel and DC universes colliding together and merging heroes and villains together. Icebreaker’s presence in the story is brief, but Iceman and Aquaman make for a kick ass combination.



  1. Snowman, Avatar Press:

Snowman is a character from Avatar Press who is a Native American spirit that returns to the land of the living in the form of a giant, gnarly snowman to avenge the genocide of his people. Snowman embodies himself in the snow around him and can manipulate this snow to shape shift and attack his foes.


  1. Elijah Snow: DC Comics:

Elijah Snow is a DC hero who killed Dracula in the early 1900s and became an apprentice of Sherlock Holmes. He has the power to control ice and the power to absorb all of the heat from an object.



  1. Ice, DC Comics:

Ice is a long time member of the Justice League and is the DC Universe’s main ice powered hero. She is a princess from a race of magical ice people that live in the mountains in a remote area of Norway. Ice is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and can project ice and snow from her body.



  1. Sub-Zero, Malibu Comics:

Sub-Zero first appeared in the Mortal Kombat video games, but he gets to be a part of this list because Malibu Comics has had many Mortal Kombat comic series over the years. Sub-Zero is easily one of Mortal Kombat’s coolest characters and he uses his powers to manipulate ice and cold to eviscerate his enemies.



  1. Killer Frost, DC Comics:

The most popular version of Killer Frost is Dr. Louise Lincoln, who assumed the identity of Killer Frost after her mentor Crystal Frost died. Lincoln blamed DC hero Firestorm for Crystal’s death and became one of Firestorm’s fiercest enemies. Killer Frost has the power to absorb heat and turn it intto cold waves. Killer Frost made her live action debut in CW’s The Flash season 2.

Killer Frost


  1. Captain Cold, DC Comics:

Captain Cold is one of the Flash’s oldest rogues, first appearing in 1957. He uses a cold gun that creates a temperature of absolute zero. He has recently gained more of mainstream audience being played by Wentworth Miller in CW’s The Flash.

Captain Cold


  1. Mr. Freeze, DC Comics:

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s oldest and most interesting enemies. Mr. Freeze was a cryogenics expert named Dr. Victor Fries. He turned to a life of crime because his terminally ill wife was cryogenically frozen and he needed money to find a cure for her disease. Although his intentions are good, Mr. Freeze has been known for doing evil acts in his efforts to save his wife. After an accident, Mr. Freeze has to maintain a low body temperature so he wears a special suit to keep his body cold. His weapon of choice is a freeze gun, similar to Captain Cold’s gun.

Mr. Freeze


  1. Iceman, Marvel Comics:

Almost every comic company has an ice-powered hero, but none of them are as great as Iceman. Iceman is one of the original X-Men and he has a long storied history as one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Recently, Iceman came out of the closet in All New X-Men, making Iceman the most prominent gay character in comics. Iceman is considered an omega level mutant meaning he is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Iceman has the power to decrease the temperature of ambient water vapor around him into ice and can also turn his entire body into ice.


Honorable Mention: Storm, Marvel Comics
If Storm was included in this list, she would undoubtedly be in the top few spaces of the list. However, although Storm does indeed wield some ice abilities, her powers are not ice based so she does not get a spot in the top 10.


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