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Uncharted 4: Review

Uncharted 4: Review

May 16, 2016846Views8Comments

A Thief’s End is the fourth and final installment of the critically acclaimed Uncharted series; a collection of action packed adventure games developed by Naughty Dog. The Uncharted franchise has become one of the most popular video games in recent years. Publishing 4 best selling titles and remaining consistent with a rating of 9.0 and up from video game critics around the world. I spent quite sometime with this title and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the series, I have to give credit where credit is due, this game really is “THAT GOOD.”

The reviewSpoilers Ahead:
The 15 hour campaign is fuelled by a strong, compelling story that has been split into various chapters; the game starts in a very familiar way to the previous games, Nathan has yet again been tempted back into the world of adventure and excitement by his presumed-dead bother who isn’t quite as dead as people thought. The game is linear however the environments allow the player to take various different paths to explore the beautiful world which is much larger than any environment seen in the previous games.
uncharted 4 2

The combat system has been re-worked to remove the quick time events seen in the previous game and a stealth system has been added which works quite nicely; Nathan is able to sneak up on enemies and stealth kill them from behind Splinter Cell style.

(Check out some of the combat and stealth system gameplay from Gamespot)

Additionally, the player can now drive vehicles which allows for some exciting missions and tense moments, as seen in the E3 gameplay preview of the game.
Uncharted 4 3

The AI companions are pretty intelligent, they can be stealthy and avoid line of sight and can even aim well in gun fights; they’re actually very useful in fights and offer some entertaining commentary. Your companions aren’t the only intelligent AI in the game, all of the games enemies are highly intelligent which in turn makes them difficult to deal with at times but ultimately gives the player enough push back from the game to where they feel challenged. Even in an instance where you try hiding from the enemy-AI, they will tirelessly hunt you down if you were spotted.
Uncharted 4 4

The game itself is by far the best of the 4 installments and the multiplayer has certainly earned it’s stripes as well. Showcasing several game modes such as 5v5 and 4v4 games with four modes: Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Command and Ranked Team Deathmatch. Plunder and Command are different to the classic Team Deathmatch modes and the ranked mode allows for more competitive play; you know, for all you hardcore “Uncharted MLG players out there.”

Uncharted 4 is pretty much perfect, however there are a few small issues which bring the game down slightly.

  • The third act of the game feels much slower than the rest of the game which was disappointing.
  • Also, the game could have had more action scenes that tied into the gameplay action.
    Uncharted 4 5

Uncharted 4 is the best possible end for infamous Nathan Drake story arc and for fans of Uncharted. Even though it is the end of Nathans legacy, it’s not to say a spin-off game with another lead character won’t surface in the future. All in all, this game is certainly a must have.

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