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Women of Anime: August 2016

Women of Anime: August 2016

August 31, 2016AnimeOverlordWomenofAnime1432Views

Albedo is part of a group of NPC’s created to protect the Great Temple of Nazarick. She is known to be the lead NPC in the temple, ranking above all others and overseeing the management of the seven temple floors.

She was originally programmed to be a sexual commodity, aside from her duties to protect the temple. However after Momonga (the lead protagonist) adjusted her settings she became fully loyal to him only. This adjustment in her coding not only made her into the ultimate subordinate but it also made her fall madly in love with Momonga. On several occasions throughout the Overlord series, Albedo self-proclaimed her position as Momongas one true bride.

In her true form, Albedo is truly a sight to behold. She has long-black-voluminous hair, with two pearl-white horns peeking through just above her temples.

Her eyes are garnished with lavishing golden-yellow iris’ that are complimented by her elliptical cat-like pupils. From her hip are a set of jet black wings that gently protrude outward and add to her overall appearance.

On average, she is usually seen in her normal NPC attire; an all-white semi-revealing dress that hugs her goddess-like figure, with two white gloves and a turtleneck collar to match.
albedo 3 albedo 4

Albedo can change into different sub-classes that also create a change in her appearance. These sub classes will also change her abilities and attacks.
albedo 7

Her design is classified as top tier and she was meant to be one of the strongest beings in Yggdrasil – the fictional online game in Overlord.

She is highly intelligent and can easily cast extremely powerful spells that render her opponents useless.

Her exact in-game stats are difficult to gauge but she does display an enormous amount of latent potential in her defensive ability’s. When fully displayed she becomes the ultimate guardian of the 7 floors.

Albedo is also in possession of a World Item (one of a few relic’s that hold the most destructive power in Yggdrasil) and a Divine Item (Top Tier item in Yggdrasil) that amp her powers tenfold.

Her trump card during a battle is her ability to transfer the damage power of any attack into her armor, which works perfectly because her Divine Item – Hermes Trismegistus – can absorb the unlimited damage of three major attacks. Her damage transfer ability can only be used three times per-day.

Why We Chose Her:
Albedo’s character oozes leadership and loyalty. Once she has made up her mind about who she wants to protect, she sticks to it and never falters. Granted, she is programed to act in a certain manner, but after Yssdrasil changed and the NPC’s started acting on their own, hints of freewill are displayed through her personality and actions.

She is a highly commendable female demon who serves as second in command over the Guardians of The Great Temple. Her position as overseer doesn’t intimidate her because she takes full responsibility for her actions and understands what it means to be the highest-ranking guardian. This is something her peers are aware of and they all fully respect her and hold her in high standards as a professional.

We also really loved her intelligence and demeanor when interacting with other NPC’s. She keeps on task and will never hesitate to shatter her foe’s in an instant.

She is a superior NPC and an excellent general, her design and personality alone deserve to be highlighted for her greatness.

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