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Women of Anime – Jun 2016

Women of Anime – Jun 2016

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Satsuki was born into a high class family. Her mother, Ragyō Kiryūin, is the CEO of REVOC Corporation – The Company known to produce clothing tethered with Life Fibers. In Satsuki’s early years she was mostly raised by her father because her mother didn’t share much interest in creating a meaningful mother/daughter bond. It is said that her birth was actually a pre-calculated plan by her mother in hopes of infusing her body with life fibers. Although, as fate would have it Satsuki’s body rejected the procedure and she ended up becoming Ragyō’s first failed human test subject.

Satsuki had very little relationships in her younger years; this is why her connection to her father was so strong. When her father disappeared and was declared dead, Satsuki’s heart was broken and something about her began to change.

As time passed she grew up developing a steadfast mindset that would help her achieve her goals in life. She acquired her mother’s relentless determination and eventually became the student body president of Honnōji Academy and a worthy heir of REVOC Corp. When she reached her state of power at the school, she appointed her closest companions the “Elite Four” as the student body council. Together they ruled over the school with an iron fist.

Throughout the Kill La Kill series we find out that Satsuki, who was portrayed as the main antagonist, is actually Ryūko Matoi’s older sister. From the moment this reveal occurs Satsuki becomes the deuteragonist – or second most important person of the story, while her mother, Ragyō, becomes the main villain.

Satsuki is a tall young female character who features a slim cut body with a voluptuous trim and bust. She is displayed having long dark-blue hair, blue eyes, and thick bushy eyebrows.
Her usual attire is Junketsu – a military-like sailor uniform with a white and blue color scheme. Although her outfit looks like a normal uniform it is actually her battle armor which is activated when the user fuels the cloth with their blood.
When activated, the armor shrinks and becomes extremely revealing, but due to the major augmentation in strength, Satsuki wears it proudly without shame.

There is also a strange blinding white light that follows her around and appears at random times throughout the series, giving her an awesome presence wherever she is. Her mother is also seen having this light.

Kamui Wielder – Satsuki’s outfit is actually a Kamui or God Robe. Kamui’s are pieces of clothing completely threaded and made using life fibers. These “God Robes” are exceptionally powerfully and require a proper/compatible user to draw out their maximum strength. A Kamui’s powers are activated when the user allows the cloth to feed on their blood. The amount of blood needed to sustain and fully control the Kamui depends on if the cloth accepts the user and how in sync they are.

Kamui’s are very much alive and can have a mind-of-their-own. Ryūko’s robe, Senketsu, has a telepathic link to her and talks to her constantly. In the story, Satsuki’s Junketsu has never displayed the ability to create a mental link with her.

While using the power of her God Robe, Junketsu, Satsuki becomes exceptionally durable and powerful. Her strength is so overwhelming that even the smallest of attacks can wreak havoc.

Satsuki is also able to alter the shape of her Kamui allowing her to refocus its power into different areas of the armor while adapting to different battle circumstances.

The only down side to her connection with Junketsu is that most humans have a resistance to merging with the life fibers, thus preventing her from being able to fully synchronize with her god robe. This de-synchronization puts a huge toll on her body causing her to exert more energy in order to maintain usage.

Satsuki can also wear other god robe’s, as shown in the story after Ragyō takes control of Ryūko’s mind. In order to save her sister, Satsuki convinces Senketsu to allow her to wear him since they had a common goal. Despite his feelings towards her he willing accepted and created a bond/link with Satsuki.
Satsuki_kiryuin Satuskisenketsu

Sword Master – Satsuki is a genius level sword user. Her weapon of choice is a black-bladed katana called “Bakuzan.” It’s a specially crafted combat-sword that can sever life fibers and cause serious damage to any Kamui. The edge of the sword has even been known to be sharper than Ryūko’s Scissor Blade. During a battle between Satsuki and her mother, the Bakuzan broke and was later re-forged into two blades. The two bladed dynamic now acts just like the Scissor Blade, capable of damaging life fibers beyond repair. Satsuki’s overall mastery over her swords makes her a devastating opponent.

Why we chose her:
Satsuki is by far one of the most monumental personas in anime history (in my opinion). Throughout the series we learn about Satsuki’s life struggles, from sexual abuse to parental neglection and tragic loss. These events forged her iron heart and fuel her ambitions to make her dreams become a reality. She is full of pride but her intelligence outweighs any personality flaws. She shows compassion and cares dearly for those she considers her family and does all that she can to make sure they succeed. She has what I like to call “absolute swag” – an apex mentality where confidence oozes from her aura.

Satsuki is completely fortified and comfortable in her own skin, and disregards objecting opinions relating to who she is. She represents honestly, self-awareness and utter determination.

Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!

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