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Ryoko is a well-known space pirate from the anime/manga series Tenchi Muyo. She was biologically engineered by Washu Hakubi (A deity and the greatest scientific mind in the universe). She is a hybrid between a powerful creature known as the Masu and Washu’s very own eggs, making Ryoko her daughter.
Ryoko was originally created to wield Washu’s true power which has been sealed away into three gems known as the Washu gems. Along with the gems, Washu created another being called Ryo-Ohki to be Ryoko’s organic spaceship and companion. Although after Ryoko’s creation Washu’s assistant, Kagato, sealed washu to her ship and took control of Ryoko. Under his influence, Ryoko destroyed 28 planets nearly 70 colonies. Her reign came to an end when Yosho, a member of the Royal Treeship sealed her in cave on earth after they both crash landed there. Centuries later Ryoko was freed by Yosho’s grandson, Tenchi, whom she then falls madly in love for. Her name means “bringer of demons,” the English translation of her name is “The Devil Caller.”


  • Has the power to wield the three Washu gems that grant her unbelievable amounts of physical strength and endurance on top of what she can already conjure. However due to the fact that she is not complete in her development she cannot handle the full power of the gems just yet.
  • Ryoko doesn’t have any taste buds and doesn’t require food, instead she uses the energy from the gems as sustenance.
  • She has been known to use the gems in her wrists to summon and control evil spirits
  • Energy Distribution: She can balance herself out be channeling her energies properly throughout her body, and creating mimic gems to replace any  that have gone missing.
  • Ryoko doesn’t need to breathe; she has been known to survive the vacuum of space and underwater conditions with little to no trouble.
  • Flight
  • Energy Projection: She can shoot energy blasts from her hands, and create energy sword constructs.
  • Telekinesis
  • Hyper regeneration
  • Mid to close teleportation
  • Telepathy

Why we chose her:
Aside from Ryoko technically being a demi-god, she is an all-around bad-ass character. She has an interesting complexity to her persona and doesn’t allow anyone to step on her shoes (figuratively). She can be a hot head and quite impulsive at times but is always willing to back her words up with sheer force and power.

Through her relationship with Tenchi we’re able to see her compassionate side. Ryoko was essentially made to be a weapon; she’s been fighting her whole life for reasons unknown to her. Demi-god or not, at some point the strain of countless battles catches up to you and exhaustion kicks in. Ryoko is able to let her guard down and finds a sense of serenity and peace in her relationship with Tenchi. This is what balances her out and keeps her sane.

Over all, we really loved her ability to take control of her own life. From the very beginning she has been used and told how to live her life by others, but she has since taken ownership of her own destiny and chooses her own path to walk. She is free of external interruptions or prying opinions. To us this was such a beautiful internal accomplishment because she has the power to destroy worlds and rummage the galaxy as a pirate but chooses not to. Her will and inner strength are her true super powers.

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