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Women of Anime – May 2016

Women of Anime – May 2016

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Ezra is amongst the most powerful of the S-Class mages to belong to the Fairy Tail Guild. Her full name is Erza Scarlet, but she is also referred to as Titania – a reputation given to her for her frightening awesome strength and success in battle.

Aside from being a high ranking member of the Fairy Tail guild, she is also part of Team Natsu which consists of: Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragoneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and herself.
team ants

Erza doesn’t have any immediate family members which is the reason why she considers her guild colleagues to be her family in the story. She does however have a few really close affiliates whom she grew up with before her time in Fairy Tail. Those members are spread across the Mermaids Heel guild and Jellals Guild – Crime Sorcière.

As a child Erza grew up in a small district called Rosemary Village. Her home was attacked and many of those who were left alive were taken by a Zeref-following cult and enslaved. She spent a large portion of her childhood as a salve to the cult and was forced to help build “The Tower of Zeref.” Years later she was able to escape and made her way to Fairy Tail, the guild one of her other slave mates would talk about from time to time. There, Erza trained and became exceptionally strong in order to always have the strength to protect those she held dear.

Erza’s a tall young woman with long vibrant red hair that extends down to her lower -back. In fact, her surname “Scarlet” was given to her by her lifelong friend Jellal after she admitted that she did not have a surname; the name derives from the color scarlet -“a brilliant red color with a tinge of orange” – which resembles her beautiful red hair.

She also has dark brown eyes and fair skin. Her right eye in particular is actually a fake; A magical prosthetic that was given to her by Porlyusica. Ezra lost her eye when she was young during her time enslaved by a Zeref-following cult – she was caught trying to escape and was severally tortured and beaten to the brink of death, luckily she survived but loss her right eye in the outcome.

Erza’s body type can be described as slender/fit with voluptuous curves. She is usually found wearing very dense conservative armor outside of battle, unlike her “re-equip” gear which is known to be revealing and complimentary to her figure. She has mentioned before that wearing her armor makes her feel safe and secure in life.

Her Fairy Tail-guild-brand is royal blue and is located on her left arm.

Her re-equip magic ability allows her to change between hair styles and outfits at any given moment, making Erza a very versatile character in terms of cosmetics and appearance.

Magic – Erza uses a magical ability known as “re-equip” – The power to summon items, armor, or weapons from a spacial dimension and equip them in real time.

Each armor set that she collects is used for different battle scenarios and or occasions. Erza owns over 90 different types of armor, and over 200 different types of weapons.

Here are a few of her most famous re-equips:

She can also wield sword magic. Aside from being a highly skilled sword combatant, she can command sword magic: an ability that allows her to cast magic with her weapons. Her swords are usually staged to go along with a particular re-equip armor set, however she can interchange any of these items in real time at will. This allows her to use different combinations of her armor and weapons while adapting to the changing battle conditions.

Physical Attributes – Erza is technically a super solider much like Marvels Captain America, but stronger. She has an enormous amount of endurance, physical durability, magical power endurance, reflexes, and intellect. Her max strength is still unknown but she has been seen achieving feats like swinging a sword with such force that the sheer expulsion of air from the swing cuts right through metal.

She has also been known to carry items many times her weight and size, and move them around freely with very little to no struggle.

Telekinesis – To top it all off Erza has the ability to control objects around her. She first discovered this power long ago while she was enslaved; in a moment of desperation she levitated a handful of weapons and dispersed them at the Zeref-cult followers who killed one of her friends.

This technique is seen being used after she’s regained more control later on when she uses her Heavens Wheel re-equip which consists of her manipulating many swords at once.

Why We Chose Her:
For starters Erza is my Waifu so there’s really no challenge there. She is also by far my favorite anime female protagonist of all time in terms of character profile and personality. Yes, I said it.

Now aside from my personal feelings, Erza deserves to be celebrated for so many reasons. She represents a symbol of loyalty; always standing by and protecting her family and friends. Her life struggles signify what it really means to persevere and move forward. Her character has so many human components that keep her grounded, like how she openly admits to still having to power through some of her own personal insecurities in life, even knowing she is one of the strongest mages in the world. Her persona is enchanting, beautiful, and kind. Many characters that have ever described Erza from a personal level in series have always mentioned her warm heart and kind intentions.

On a day to day she is strong, strict, and likes to live her life by a code governance and structure, which more frequently than not portrays her character as being socially awkward, or mean. But deep down she would give her life to protect her guild at any moment.
Erza2Ezra is a true warrior who is worthy of high praise and great honor – All hail, Erza (Titania) Scarlet, the Khaleesi of Fairy Tail.


“All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don’t care if I’m weaker than everyone in the world.”

“My companions make my heart strong. If I’m fighting for those I love, I care not what happens to this body.”

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