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Women of Anime: October 2016

Women of Anime: October 2016

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Princess Kaguya or most commonly known as the Rabbit Goddess, is the first character in Naruto-Lore to wield the power of chakra. Kaguya is also the mother of the famous twins Hagoromo (Sage of Six Paths) and Hamura, the inheritors of her ancient power and creators of Ninshū (Ninjutsu). Her tale predates the Naruto timeline we all have grown to cherish by several hundred years.

As history tells it, the story behind the entirety of her origins was never fully revealed, although one thing is certain; she’s an alien from outer space who landed on Earth to protect the God Tree (A tree of unknown divine powers). Upon her arrival she was founded by villagers from a district called the Land of Ancestors, (long before the lands were separated by clans) here she revealed that she had come to Earth alone in search of the God Tree because she was its one, true guardian.

(In the manga version her story suggests that she came to earth with her clan but no other information is given.)

After her encounter, Kaguya stayed with the people of the Land of Ancestors, becoming an equal member of society. She grew to understand human customs and even developed a strong friendship with a girl named Aino. Throughout her stay she also managed a romantic relationship with emperor Tenji, which later lead to her pregnancy.

During her time on earth she witnessed a plethora of endless war and chaos. In her efforts to bring peace to the world she committed a forbidden taboo by consuming fruit from the God Tree.
With this act alone she was granted unimaginable power and finally brought an end the calamity that plagued the earth.

Drunk with her newly acquired power, Kaguya’s mind began to slip away from her grasp. Madness settled and she eventually lost all faith in humanity. She grew to despise humans and thought they were not fit to act on their free will, and so she began enslaving them in the God Tree so they could live out the rest of their days in a perfect world illusion, the ultimate genjutsu (i.e. Infinite Tsukuyomi).

Her limitless power and reign of terror became her undoing as she was sealed away by her sons who sought out a different future for mankind.

Kaguya’s attire is set to resemble Edo-Japan – she is showcased wearing a long robe-like kimono with plain, subtle colors and markings. Her hair is a silver-white that extends so far back that it surpasses the length of her body.

The color of her skin is ghostly-white, most likely a trait from her alien race. She has small cut eyebrows and her eyes are as clear as her ambitions – A trait seen in Konoha’s Hyuga Clan.

From either side of her head are two horns that spewed out after she ate the fruit from the God-Tree, and in the middle of her forehead is a slit for the opening of her third eye – the ultimate Rinnegan.

In terms of strength and potential, Kaguya is by far the strongest character in Naruto-Lore. She’s an Omni-potent (a god character) figure that can bend space and time at her will. She wields all of the nature forms of chakra (Fire –Wind – Lightning – Earth – Water – Yin – Yang), and can single handily destroy all of the tailed beasts if she wanted.

On top of being able to do any jutsu, she has access to multiple kekkei genkai abilities such as:
• The ocular abilities of the Sharingan

• The all seeing ability of the Byakugan
• Bone manipulation techniques used by Kimimaro.

• Finally a more advanced form of Haku’s dimensional mirror travel technique.

Why we choose her:
Aside from her god-like strength and complex, Kaguya is one of the most human characters we’ve ever encountered. She is literally a being from another planet that more than likely has different senses and motives in comparison to humans, however she displays true compassion and empathy for the problems surrounding earth. One could argue that she is a bit different from other aliens who have chosen earth as their new home planet, like DC’s Kal-El, but the difference here is that she come to earth around her early teens, thus she would have already been conditioned in her alien culture and ideals. So for her to focus so much on humans and how she could help, truly shows the power of the human condition. She completed adapted to her surroundings and acted more human than most.
Even though her later actions were mad and irrational, we believe it came from a place of love. Kaguya is a lost soul who lost her way after living in a world filled with war and death. She sacrificed her sanity and herself to obtain the power to end the sadness, and that is truly commendable.

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