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Women of Anime: September 2016

Women of Anime: September 2016

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To kick off the most popular academic month of the year we have decided to highlight the one and only, Bulma Brief! She is an extremely intellectual scientist and the second most important character throughout the course of Dragon Ball history. We would like to honor Bulma for all of her merits which earn her a special spot in our Women of Anime monthly segment.


Bulma; wife to the Sayian Prince-Vegeta, mother of Trunks, and long time friend of Son-Goku. (Not only is she Goku’s longest friendship but in Dragon Ball she was actually Goku’s first friend and first female encounter.)

Bulma is the daughter of world renown scientist Dr. Brief, founder of the tech company called Capsule Corporation. This company was founded after Dr. Brief invented the infamous Dynocaps Capsule, a pill-like tech device able to capture and miniaturize items or substances and suspend them in time. We have seen Bulma use these capsules on many occasions throughout the Dragon Ball series. The most famous use of these capsules is to shrink your means of transportation (Car, Airship, Boat) and take it with you wherever you go – Think of all the money they save on parking!

A  fun fact that not many fans may know, Bulma is actually Dr. Briefs youngest daughter, with Tights being his eldest. Tights wasn’t introduced into the anime series until Dragon Ball Super and is now currently living on Dr. Tokunoshin Omori’s island just outside East City. Tight’s character was introduced as part of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga storyline. Bulma is seen contacting her sister during the universe 6 & 7 tournament saga in order to have Tight’s summon Jaco to earth to help  in the search for the Super Dragon Balls.

Bulma revolutionized the way the Z-Fighters encountered circumstances and battles with the help of her inventions. Here are just a few of her innovations that created a major impact in the series:

  • Time Machine – Bulma is the inventor of the Capsule Corp Time Machine Future Trunks used in both Dragon Ball Z and now Dragon Ball Super.
  • Dragon Radar – This is one of if not the most essential tech item used in the world of Dragon Ball. However, Bulma was not the first to invent the radar; it’s suggested in Dragon Ball that the Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf had access to their own versions of the Dragon radar before Goku and Bulma even met. At one point in time, even King Piccolo had a radar on his ship that he and his sons used to search for the Dragon Balls. Even though Bulma may have not been the first to invent the device, her iteration was certainly claimed to be the most accurate of them all; it perfected the detection sensors to the exact location of each Dragon Ball scattered across Earth.
  • Customized Saiyan Scouter – After the battle with Raditz, Bulma repaired and altered the alien tech to translate power levels in human figures.
    After which she used during Goku’s epic standoff with Vegeta. The scouter eventually broke as the power levels were far too high for it to compute.
  • Capsule Corp Space Ship – Mr. Popo helped Bulma recover Kami’s old ship that he used when he escaped Namek. Bulma, along with the efforts of Dr. brief repaired the ship and flew off to Namek with Krillin and Gohan to find the Dragon Balls.
  • Android Deactivation Remote – During the Android saga Bulma created a remote that had the ability to shut down Android 17 and Android 18, however the remote was never used because Krillin destroyed it due to his strong feelings for 18.
  • Saiyan Battle Armor – There have been a few instances where Bulma self manufactured a replica to the original Saiyan armor used by Vegeta and Raditz. Her creations are said to be even more durable than the originals. One instance was when she made a set of armor for the Saiyans before they entered the hyperbolic time chamber to train for the cell games. A more recent moment was when Bulma gave Vegeta new Saiyan armor for his participation in the Universe 6-7 tournament.

As of late, Bulma has built a strong relationship with Whis, the previous god of destruction for universe 7, and this relationship has proven to be very useful for the Z-fighters and for the sake of planet Earth.


Bulma’s look in terms of style has seen many changes over time, from new hair designs to a large variety of culturally fashionable wardrobe changes. Despite the years and years she has spent helping the Z-Fighters save the universe, genetics prove she has aged extremely well.

Her overall look has maintained its essence of youthfulness, and her fit and slender figure has yet to falter. Bulma has light blue hair and thin pencil drawn eyebrows. Her eyes are crystal blue and her natural skin color is fair.

Why We Chose Her:

To be the Alpha female character in a male dominate shounen-anime is a huge deal. If it weren’t for Bulma’s intellect, inventions, and inner strength the Z-fighters would have fallen short throughout many of their battles.

Bulma has persevered as a human in the presence of gods, so to say. She has proven her worth and value as a crucial team player to Goku and others. Although she is a realist, she also leaves room for  hope. This positive outlook is instilled in the Z-Fighters throughout the series.

We also love her charisma and fierce attitude. Bulma has stood her ground and insulted some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Universe (to their face) such as Frieza, Cell, and even the God of Destruction – Beerus. She has a lot of fire in her and even stands up to the most stubborn character of them all, Prince Vegeta.

She embodies womanly strength and proves that mind over matter is the winner of any battle.

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