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Esdeath is a military general and leader of a special task force called the Jaegers, which all fall under the Empire’s umbrella; a centralized capital known to govern the lands in Akame GA Kill.

Growing up she lived in the northern frontier lands, a place mostly engulfed in cold weather and poverty. She belonged to the Partas Clan, a group of hunters who specialized in eliminating Danger Beasts (Creatures with special traits or abilities).

From an early age, Esdeath was exposed to the formalities of hunting and killing tactics and was quite talented in her execution.

This type of exposure to killing accompanied by witnessing inhuman acts, like the time she watched her father gut a beast while it was still alive, made her ok with idea of death and torture. Her father feared her exposure would alter her state of mind in a negative way, however he was more so pleased that she was learning the fundamentals of being an apex.

Just before becoming a teen her clan was obliterated one day while she was out hunting for Danger Beasts. When she arrived back at her village she saw the wide spread ruin over take a place she once called home. Esdeath found her father, who was mortally wounded, in his tent and stayed with him until he took his final breaths. This, including all that she has experienced growing up changed her way of thinking, as she began to live by her fathers creed – “The strong live and the weak die.” Words that have forever resonated in the back of her mind, and fuel her drive to be at the top of the food  chain.

Esdeath is considered to be an ice user in the anime realm. Her powers are derived from a weapon called the Teigu. The Teigu are legendary weapons, which hold special powers and abilities. Some are made with the essence and or remains of a Danger Beast that had special abilities, and some were made with a rare metal called Orichalcum.

Esdeath received her Teigu by drinking a potion which contained the life force of a powerful Danger Beast, her Teigu is called “Demons extract.”

She is able to create ice and ice constructs out from nothing simply by using her Teigu’s ability.

Esdeaths ice powers are so strong that she has even been known to freeze time itself, a move known to be her trump card in a battle.

Esdeath is capable of creating her own army of ice soldiers and can create meteor sized ice boulders at the snap of her fingers. Although she is extremely powerful, using her Teigu continuously without rest will render her powers to exhaustion, leaving her vulnerable for a short period of time.

She has also developed a six sense, which can detect killing intent, and a strong sense of smell, all traits needed for her to be a great hunter in her clan. All of these skills, accompanied by her hand-to-hand combat makes Esdeath one of the most dangerous anime characters to ever exist.

Why we chose her:
Esdeath is one of those antagonist you can’t help but root for. Despite her radical behavior she demonstrates drive and a steadfast belief in her convictions, whether logical or not. Esdeath rarely steers off her path or her “Ninja Way” per se, but when she does we get to see a human who has the same fundamental wants as everyone else in the world. This demonstration of human-like traits are displayed when she interacts with Tatsumi, the man she has declared to be her one true love.

This emotional reveal is groundbreaking for her character because it evokes an empathic feeling from the viewers. Even though her life is clouded by darkness, there is still some light that shines through in the end – an idea that is conveyed perfectly in the anime.
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Another reason we chose Esdeath was simply because of her level of perseverance. She has gone to the lengths of even threatening Tatsumi’s life if he were to ever betray her. Her methods are indeed extreme and uncanny but at some point one needs to admire the level of dedication she is willing to go to protect her resolve. We celebrate her tenacity and her awesome strength, Esdeath is by far one of my personal favorite Anime Villains of all time.

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